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Hospitality Projects

At Mohammed Al Rashid Co. we understand that maximizing the return on investment while keeping the highest standard of quality in Hospitality projects is the most important measures of success. Our flexibility and transparency is the key to providing our clients the best engineering solution to insure the success of our clients’ investment.

With our experience in high rise buildings and our unique understanding of the scaffolding requirements and the special sequence of work in such projects, we are able to exceed the market expectations in the speed of concrete work. In our project with General Organization for Social insurance –Investment 5 project we were able to complete typical floors of 2500 square meters in only 14 days from slab to slab.

Whether at the lower scale or the high luxury scale of hospitality, our track record in delivering our projects on time and with the highest attention to detail is impeccable has given many of our clients a higher return on their investment. In addition, our flexibility to adjust designs and concepts to meet our clients’ requirements makes Mohammed Al Rashid Co. your ideal partner in building your next hospitality project.