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Value Engineering Projects

At Mohammed Al Rashid Co. we know that providing our clients with alternative solutions to add value is crucial to our long term relationships. This is why we dedicate lots of engineering hours to find ways to improve the designs to increase value of construction or reduce cost while maintaining the design requirements.

By introducing new technologies to our clients, our Value Engineering efforts has brought our clients significant savings in capital and power consumption. We were able to achieve this in GOSI-5 Project by modifying the designed exhaust system and introducing heat recovery units on the HVAC equipment. This effort saved our client in the cost of the exhaust system and more importantly will save 5-10% of HVAC equipment energy consumption.

By using modern engineering designs we were able to save King Saud University 15% of the total reinforcement steel required to construct the College of Architecture. Using the latest structural modeling software our redesign did not reduce the integrity of the structure and maintained all the required architectural aspect of the building.